Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • We opened up the phone lines and asked our listeners to respond to a recent U.N. report that said one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction.
  • Tech writer, blogger and podcaster Andy Ihnatko discussed Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ op-ed calling for the company to be broken up.
  • Emily Rooney, host of Beat the Press on WGBH, talked about the passing of Boston based journalist Tom Ellis.
  • Shirley Leung talked about the city of Boston’s record on hiring female and minority contractors. Leung is the interim editorial page editor of the Boston Globe.
  • Playwright Ryan Landry discussed his new play “The Ebonic Woman.”
  • Callie Crossley, host of Under the Radar on WGBH, discussed the significance of the birth of the first biracial member of England’s royal family.
  • Adam Zand and Greg Peverill-Conti joined us for our weekly news quiz. Zand and Conti are the founders of the Library Land Project.