Gov. Charlie Baker wants school districts to consider letting more students repeat grades after the pandemic, saying record setting funding for schools from federal aid means they'll have the capability to provide adequate class sizes.

Baker said that if a parent believes their child is not ready to be promoted to the next grade after over a year of online or hybrid learning, district administrators should allow for repeat students when they plan class sizes for next year.

"School districts are going to get the largest numbers they've ever gotten from state government to fund their schools. And I think we all need to be flexible here to respect and understand that for a lot of kids, this has been a lost year," Baker said.

"I'm sure what parents are worried about is if their kid gets promoted and didn't get the experience and the knowledge out of this year to get to the next grade, they're going to start next year in a terrible place. And that would be a shame," Baker added.

Baker said he's had conversations with his elementary and secondary education commissioner about issuing statewide guidance on repeating grades for students left unprepared to move forward after 14 months of virtual or hybrid learning.

Baker said the state is also offering funding for summer school programs to bring as many students up to speed as it can before the fall.