Between remote learning, isolation from friends, and a steady stream of difficult news, life in the pandemic has been especially hard for many children. Jeanne Blake, the president of Blake Works whose firm developed a new digital series called "The Pandemic and Kids' Mental Health," says she has heard a "consistent message of loss, isolation and despair" this year from kids.

Blake and Dr. Paula Rauch, a psychiatrist at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston to discuss the challenges facing kids during re-opening, especially younger children, and how parents can help them build resilience.

"It's going to take time," Dr. Rauch said. "There are going to some kids for whom returning to school will be a great relief, but there will be other children who will find it difficul to be back in the fray."

WATCH: MGH child psychiatrist and the creator of a mental health series on children in the pandemic