Thomas White, a senior at Boston Latin School, is like a lot of high school athletes. A cross country runner, he trained hard all summer in hopes a season would happen.

And, to his surprise, it did. But it wasn't without restrictions.

“The state … didn’t really know what was safe or not safe. So everything kept getting pushed back," said White's coach, Chris Blondin. "And we were just praying that it wouldn’t end up like the spring season where it outright got cancelled. So the fact that we even have a season at all is just a blessing.”

But then, in the last week of October, Boston Public Schools postponed the few athletic activities it was allowing, essentially killing the BLS season.

It's just one example of the dark hole that high school sports have been thrown into during the pandemic. And even for the sports and districts that are still going, a season can seem like a countdown to the inevitable postponement or cancellation.

And for White, and other high school seniors like him, that uncertainty about what happens next may be the common refrain as they attempt to navigate through the haze of COVID-19.

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