The new year is often a time for reflection and looking back. But on the latest episode of On Campus Radio, we took a look forward at what issues the world of higher education is facing.

First, we reviewed what stories you may have missed, from a lawsuit levied against Betsy DeVos by one of the nation's largest teachers unions to updates on the Varsity Blues case.

Then, we had an in-depth conversation with Helen Drinan, the current president of Simmons University, who will be stepping down at the end of the semester. She spoke about the issues facing higher education, including how institutions can remain credible to the public and how schools can make the experience better for students.

Then, looked at college athletics and how states student-athletes may be getting more rights to their name, image and likeness and what that means for college sports.

Then Joseph Cooper from UMass Boston gave insight into how he thinks this and other topics will play out in college athletics over the coming years.

All that and more on this month's episode of On Campus Radio.