Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has already rescinded Obama-era guidelines for how schools handle sexual harassment and assault claims. Now, she is hoping to give what she calls fair protections to the accused.

Advocates for survivors see this as a big step backward and they are making their voices heard. The deadline for public comment has been extended to Wednesday, Jan. 30.

On the latest episode of On Campus Radio, we'll look into DeVos' proposed changes and how students and educators are responding to them.

First, we'll hear from one of seven women who filed a lawsuit claimingDartmouth didn't do enough to respond to sexual misconduct allegations.

We'll then talk to Harvard law professors Janet Halley and Diane Rosenfeld about the debate over Title IX regulations.

And we'll hear from a University of Vermont student who is working to get sexual assault violations put on transcripts, and the state senator from Massachusetts who supports her.

Tune in Sunday, January 27 at 8 p.m. or stream the show on the WGBH app here.