Most nights on Greater Boston, host Jim Braude likes to share his thoughts on the latest headlines and trending Twitter topics — from President Donald Trump’s lack of a first dog to the not-talked-about-enough tampon tax.

Here’s a roundup of Jim’s top five commentaries, plus a bonus honorable mention.

1. Amid A National Measles Outbreak, Unvaccinated Teens Rebel
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this year saw the greatest number of measles cases reported in the United States since 1992. Last spring, Jim Braude shared his thoughts on the unprecedented outbreak and the teens who bravely sought out measles vaccinations against their parents' wishes.

2. Oh Me, Oh My!
President Donald Trump’s relationship with the English language can be complicated at times, especially when it comes to spelling on Twitter. In light of that, Jim Braude took the time to look at the President’s special relationship with the possessive adjective: “my.”

3. The Lack Of A First Dog
Breaking with tradition, President Donald Trump is the first president in almost 100 years to not own a dog. Jim Braude decided to remember some former First Dogs, and gave a few arguments of his own, as to why Trump needs one, too.

4. Repeal The Tampon Tax
It’s no secret that being a woman is expensive, thanks to things like the pink tax: where women’s products cost more than men’s with almost no discernible difference, except that it’s marketed to women, and often in pink. But there’s another tax on women’s bank accounts that you might not have heard of: the tampon tax. Jim Braude shared his thoughts on why 35 states should repeal their sales taxes on period products.

5. 4-Day Work Week
Jim Braude has long been a crusader of the four day work week. For this edition, Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the latest office productivity research conducted with workers at Microsoft Japan.

Honorable Mention: Think Twice Before Trying That App That Makes You Look Older
Is privacy in the internet age gone for good? It might be, says Jim Braude — who shared his thoughts on the matter with the rise of FaceApp: a viral photo-editing app, with some nefarious origins.