Many nights on Greater Boston, host Jim Braude takes a moment to share his thoughts on current events and — in the case of the need to ban the "reply-all" button — everyday societal norms. Here's a round up of Jim's top five commentaries, ranging in topic from the futility of "thoughts and prayers" to President Trump's fast food feasts. 

1. "Thoughts, Prayers And No Action"

Following the Las Vegas shooting, the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, many Americans expected there to finally be some action in Congress on gun control. (Nearly 60 people died and 546 were injured.) However, the response was the usual offering of "thoughts and prayers." Jim wonders when, if ever, there will be an appropriate time to talk about gun control.

2. "A Good Hombre" 

During Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, he stressed the importance of ridding the country of what he called "bad hombres" — the Hispanic and Latino immigrants who he says are criminals. The Trump Administration's stringent immigration enforcement policies, however, have led to the pursuit of people like Francisco Rodriguez who work, raise their families, and are law-abiding, beloved members of their communities. 

3. "Reply All"

Jim has a tendency to ban things — cigarettes, Yankee Swaps, fake Christmas trees, to name a few. One of his latest? The "reply-all" button. And he's certain that any hardworking employee, senders and receivers alike, will understand his desire to get rid of this infamous inbox flooder.

4. "Touring Trump's Washington" 

The White House isn't the only place in Washington, D.C., where Donald Trump has made his mark. Ivanka Trump's house, Washington's Trump International Hotel, and even the Democratic party headquarters are all part of Trump's Washington. Ride along with Jim and Boston Public Radio co-host Margery Eagan on a tour of these places. 

5.  "The Fast Food President"

While we don't live in a monarchy, one would think the president's diet would be fit for a king. But, as Jim shares, Donald Trump's plate consists heavily of junk food like McDonald's Big Cacs and freshly opened packages of Oreos.