With rare exception, most of the political analysts have missed the point about why Donald Trump is topping the polls. It has little to do with his positions on the issues, and everything to do with saying exactly what he wants about anything and anyone.

You see, it doesn’t matter what he says, it matters that he says it with no fear. Who hasn’t imagined, even role-played, the scene where you tell off your bad boss, or anybody else you can’t dream of challenging in real life? Most of us can’t speak back publicly, certainly not negatively, to someone who impacts our lives and livelihoods. But Donald Trump rules his own world. He’s “really rich” –his own words—with no boss to worry about. So, Trump gives out South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number, calls him an idiot, and walks away from the podium to thunderous applause. You can be repulsed by his antics, but he dropped the mike. Oh yes, he did.

It’s the ultimate Walter Mitty fantasy. Except Walter Mitty is the little guy sticking it to the man, and billionaire Trump couldn’t be more the man. So why do the little guys and gals think he’s speaking for them? Because many believe that somebody who will say anything is an honest broker of the political scene. MSNBC online commenter Guff echoes the views of many, “Trump’s right. … because serious candidate or not .. IT IS THE TRUTH!”

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not claiming Donald Trump believes everything he is saying, or that he is not exceptionally calculated about lobbing his verbal brickbats, including racist taunts. I’m saying it is resonating with lots of folks because he articulates inappropriate, insensitive, insulting comments without suffering any consequences. A poll, taken after his remarks demeaning decorated war veteran John McCain, shows his continuing support. One of his fans told reporter Nancy Cordes, “He should not apologize for anything he says and I respect him for that.”

In a political landscape where gaffes dominate the headlines, at a time when parsing, even lying is the gold standard, Trump speak can look like something pure.

It’s pure, all right, pure ridiculousness. Gotta agree with Morning Joe’s Willie Geist, Trump is offering a “giant middle finger to the political process.” And that’s a problem, because the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and we need leaders who will speak truth to power.

Next week Donald Trump will be in the first televised Republican debate of the 2016 presidential season. He will prevent at least one of his rivals from qualifying, a candidate with the credentials to be on that stage.

Meanwhile, count on Donald Trump to keep talking. Ignoring the sage advice of American mothers from time immemorial— better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.