As someone who has written jokes and gags for various politicians and elected officials for the St Patrick’s Day roast over the years, I’m happy to tell you that this Boston 2024 Olympics scandal couldn’t have come at a better time.

It is always nice to have cutting edge material to joke about rather than stories from six, eight or twelve months ago, no matter how good they might be. It’s not only that the political crowds have short attention spans, but they also like to guffaw and giggle at the latest pitfalls and problems of our past and present office holders. After all, it’s not enough for your side to succeed, the other side must fail.

Why tell a joke about something Deval Patrick did from last year, when you can light him up about something he did last week? Just whispering anything about Patrick’s new $7,500 a day contract with the Boston Olympic Committee will bring howls of laughter.

Did you hear that Deval Patrick is getting $7500.00 a day with all expenses paid to fly first class to Paris … check into a five star hotel for a few days … meet for an hour with a guy from the French Olympic Committee … and then fly back first class … Hey we wouldn’t even try to pull that off on a government junket … that’s what’s called a non-profit junket. Or … they may be picking up a nice big check from the 2024 Olympic Committee … it’s a nice place to be until they move over to the 2020 Patrick for President Committee”.

Then, of course there is a lot to say about the guy who used to oversee the “troubled” MBTA now being paid $300,000 a year to run the Boston Olympic Committee. That’s good for a whole round of jokes.

Yea, they were going to have the crew races on the Charles River… but they had to cancel them … the boats sank. And the Beach Volleyball on the Boston Common?… canceled … they couldn’t hire the prisoners to shovel out the sand.

And building the 80,000 seat Olympic Stadium in Boston … well it is sort of behind schedule … but don’t worry … it should be finished by 2034.”

And what about the present office holders, Governor Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh?

Well so far, Charlie has played the whole Olympic story well. “Sure”, he says, “sounds like an interesting idea. But I’m really working on fixing this huge budget deficit we inherited from the former administration.” In other words, Charlie has been smart enough to keep his distance and not take ownership of the Boston Olympics mess. He should be able to duck most of the Olympic barbs.

But Mayor Walsh, who until this last week when the Democrats-United-For-Lucrative-Consulting-Fees scandal exploded, was the elected official most identified with the Boston Olympic bid. Sure he gets points for calling out the Olympic Committee to release all the salaries and consulting contracts. But “Marty’s Olympics” will probably be fodder for a bushel of yucks.

“You know, Mayor Menino always talked about moving City Hall over to the new South Boston Waterfront District. Well, Marty has already done itOne Marina Park Drive … the Boston Olympic Committee Headquarters … It’s a good location though … right next to the United States Federal Court House … And did you hear that Marty is making sure that Dorchester is hosting its own Olympic event? It’s a brand new event. They are calling it the Olympic Pub Crawl. I’m already betting that guys named Sully, Fitzie and Sully will take the Gold, Silver and Bronze.”

You can also be sure that someone will get laughs for passing the hat to raise money for the new Insiders Be Us Benevolent Fund, also known as the Boston 2024 Olympic Committee”.

For years I’ve been telling my kids that if they study hard, and make the right political contributions, that someday they might be able to work for the MBTA or MassPort, but now my dream is for them to join the Boston Olympic Committee.”

Aye, thanks to the Boston 2024 Olympic committee, the St Patrick’s Day roast should be a fine time all around.

I almost forgot, the highlight of the breakfast will probably be the email Hillary Clinton is sending. But don't tell anyone I told you. It's still a secret.

Charley Manning is a veteran of many Republican campaigns.