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Arts This Week | December 6, 2018

Arts This Week: '1776' and 'A Nightmare on Elf Street'

Arts This Week - December 6, 2018
The cast of "1776."
Andy Brilliant/Brilliant Photography, courtesy of New Repertory Theatre
Arts This Week | December 6, 2018

This week, Jared Bowen reviewed the revolutionary musical “1776” at New Repertory Theatre and gave us his take on “A Nightmare on Elf Street.”

“1776,” presented by New Repertory Theatre through Dec. 30.

(Left to right): Benjamin Evett (as John Adams), KP Powell (as Thomas Jefferson), and Bobbie Steinbach (as Benjamin Franklin) in "1776"
Andy Brilliant/Brilliant Photography, courtesy of New Repertory Theatre

New Repertory Theatre offers an of-the-moment perspective of the Tony Award-winning musical “1776." The show, by Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone, follows John Adams’ bid to unite the Continental Congress and declare American independence. A talented and racially diverse cast of both men and women portray the founding fathers.

“With tired material,” Jared said, “it’s the performance, not the play that’s king. Stellar directing by Austin Pendleton and Kelli Edwards and star turns render this ‘1776’ stirring and thought-provoking.”

“A Nightmare on Elf Street,” presented by Gold Dust Orphans at Machine Nightclub through Dec. 23.

Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans Present.docx
(Left to right): Qya Cristal, Taryn Lane, and Ryan Landry in "A Nightmare on Elf Street"
Michael Von Redlich/courtesy of the Gold Dust Orphans

The Gold Dust Orphans are back to celebrate the holidays in their uniquely adult way. It’s the return of Shirley Holmes (Ryan Landry), the world’s greatest “she-tective” in the new Christmas mystery-musical “A Nightmare on Elf Street.” Kiki Samko directs this holiday mashup inspired by Scooby Doo, Sherlock Holmes and slasher films while also leaving room for Christmas elves and Santa’s reindeer. More than playing just their typical reindeer games, Santa’s reindeer have turned murderous. But a generation later, their sins are visited upon them as Holmes and her trusty sidekick, Dr. Jody Watley (QyaCristal) investigate a new, murderous rampage in the North Pole.

Jared described “A Nightmare on Elf Street” as “so funny and reliably outrageous, it will slay you.”

Are there any shows filling you with holiday cheer this season? Tell Jared about it on Facebook or Twitter!

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