A years-long battle to release Trump's tax returns to the public didn't yield any major bombshells, according to experts on Greater Boston, but questions remain about what might be hiding in the details.

Julie Weil, who covers taxes for the Washington Post, said Trump's tax returns are largely uninteresting, but contain "page after page" of major business deductions.

"I have no idea what those expenses are. If I were an IRS auditor, I'd want to see some receipts. There are a lot of questions raised here," Weil said.

She noted that it's normal for a wealthy businessman to have very complicated taxes, and the IRS doesn't have the necessary personnel to comb through all of the details. However, Congress recently budgeted more for the IRS to hire additional investigators.

New York Times investigative reporter Ross Buettner, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Trump’s taxes in 2019, said Trump has bank accounts all over the world for his hospitality businesses, which makes it easy for people to get him cash.

"If you want to get cash to him, you don't need a bank account in that country. You could rent a block of rooms at one of his hotels, overpay, and then not show up," Buettner said.

He said the IRS is not capturing those type of transactions. "That's just a huge vulnerability that no one has looked at," he said.

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