Democrats across the country appeared to be in good position to win over support heading into the midterm elections, after Republicans enacted abortion restrictions and did away with several relief efforts such as the child tax credit. Now, recent polling shows they are losing ground among voters. Can Democrats claw their way back to the top in midterm elections?

LaTosha Brown, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, and Jesse Mermell, president and founder of deWit Impact Group, both said on Greater Boston that Republicans are using scare tactics to draw in voters and turn them against the Democratic party.

"The Republican Party, time after time after time, doubles down on fear. That fear more times than not is rooted in racism as LaTosha pointed out, and they are doing that in spades in this election," Mermell said.

"Race has a way of weaponizing and consolidating white support, particularly if it's rooted in white fear and this idea that white people particularly will lose power in this country," Brown responded.

Mermell said Democrats can pick up steam with action on key issues such as abortion and inflation.

Brown said Democrats should think more about their campaign strategy. "Polls don't win elections, people do," she said. "This is a ground game ... they should be putting all of their resources on the ground. This is not an air war. This is a ground war."

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