U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland should indict former President Donald Trump on crimes related to the January 6 insurrection, his former law professor said on Greater Boston.

Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, taught Garland as a student. "If Merrick Garland is awake, I think he is, if he's as smart as I think he was as a student, he's got to be about to indict," he said on Greater Boston.

"We shouldn't assume that the attorney general is asleep at the switch," Tribe continued. "I would love to think that's true, but we will have to see. The proof is going to be in the pudding and here the pudding is going to look like an indictment I hope."

Former Federal Judge Nancy Gertner also said Trump should be indicted. She said it looks like his fingerprints are on several plots including witness tampering, the insurrection and fake electors.

"I thought that what the [January 6] committee was doing, which was very clever, was beginning with [John] Eastman and [Rudy] Giuliani and [Michael] Flynn, and once you establish their conspiracy with Trump, that it would then be inevitable that Trump would be indicted," she said.

The January 6 select committee hearings are expected to continue over the coming weeks.

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