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Josh McDaniels Does An About-Face, Decides To Stay With Patriots

New England In this Jan. 21, 2018, file photo, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels watches from the sideline during the first half of the AFC championship NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Foxborough, Mass. McDaniels has backed out of a deal to become the Indianapolis' Colts new coach, a decision that shocked the franchise hours after it announced his hiring.Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels is staying with the team.
Charles Krupa/AP

Ben Volin, NFL/Patriots writer for The Boston Globe, joined WGBH News' Marilyn Schairer to talk about Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels' decision to remain with Patriots. Volin has been writing about the NFL for 10 years and reports on all stories surrounding the Patriots. To listen to his interview in its entirety, click the audio player above.

Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels will not be leaving the Patriots to coach the Indianapolis Colts after all. 

The Colts announced Tuesday morning that McDaniels would be joining their team as head coach, but by Wednesday, the deal was off. McDaniels' change of heart came after Patriots owner Bob Kraft reportedly met with him Tuesday night and sweetened his contract and stressed the need for him in New England, according to Ben Volin, NFL and Patriots writer for The Boston Globe.

"McDaniels wasn’t 100 percent sold on the Colts opportunity," Volin said. "When the Krafts stepped up and let McDaniels know how important he was, I think Josh looked at it as a chance to keep his family here in New England, keep chasing Super Bowls with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for the foreseeable future, and probably take over for the team once Bill Belichick retires in a few years."

Volin said McDaniels may have received some reassurance that he would become Belichick's successor.

"It seems like the obvious hand-off now in a couple of years, or whenever Bill Belichick decides to step away, that Josh McDaniels will now probably be the guy," Volin said. "And for Josh McDaniels, he better hope so, because this was not a popular move around the league for him to spurn the Colts like this."

Volin said he was shocked when the move happened. 

"This is a move that had been reported for weeks, it was a done deal," Volin said. "The Colts are left in the lurch here. They thought they had McDaniels all wrapped up and now they have to start their head coach search all over again, and a lot of the top candidates have already been signed elsewhere." 


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