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FULL SHOW: GOP Exodus?; 'Wormwood'; Boston Gondolas; Department Of Injustice

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) announced today that he would not be seeking re-election this year, making him the 32nd House Republican to announce retirement. Both Issa and fellow California Republican Congressman Ed Royce, who announced his retirement Monday, are leaving behind vulnerable seats in districts with growing populations of Latino and Asian populations. As Republicans look to the future in Congress, could bipartisan agreement be the way forward on issues like immigration reform? And is it good for either party’s future? Jim Braude was joined by Jim Rappaport, former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party, and Gautam Mukunda, a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, to discuss.

In November of 1953, Frank Olson, a civilian scientist who worked at a military lab facility, fell out of his hotel room window in Manhattan and died in what was ruled to be an accident. Then, in 1975, the government revealed that Olson had actually been a part of a secret CIA experiment and was dosed purposefully with LSD. The CIA says he had a bad trip and, subsequently, committed suicide. But his son, Eric Olson, began questioning the circumstances behind his father’s death in what became a 60-year quest to find the truth. His story is chronicled in a new six-part series for Netflix titled “Wormwood.” The filmmaker, Oscar-winning director of documentaries “Thin Blue Line” and “The Fog of War,” Errol Morris joined Jim Braude to discuss.

If you want to travel into the Seaport, you can ride in a bus or car, and risk getting caught in traffic — or brave the elements by walking or biking. But soon, there could be another option.

Jim shares his thoughts on a few recent major Justice Department actions that have flown under the radar.


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