Dog lovers rejoice: You now have another excuse to share pictures of your pups.

Today is National Puppy Day, as declared by holiday founder Colleen Paige and thousands of Twitter users, who made #NationalPuppyDay a trending hashtag on Friday.

Confused about how to celebrate this holiday? Paige, who says that she started it as a way to promote dog adoption, has brainstormed 50 different ways for you to honor man's best friend.

Or, you could always just tweet out photos of your beloved puppies using #NationalPuppyDay like everybody else.

Here are a couple of good boys, which is probably why you clicked on this article anyway:

Popular dog-themed account @Dog_Rates asked its roughly 6.7 million followers to reply with pictures of their puppies, and they delivered in this thread.

There were also some less predictable tweeters out there joining in on the fun.

NASA, the agency responsible for interstellar research and missions to outer space, also tweeted about the holiday.

Although those are almost certainly full-grown dogs licking astronaut Leland Melvin's face, we're not going to nitpick here.

Canada tweeted a shot of some dogs who looked geared up for adventure.

And the Interior Department let us know that this puppy is ready for duty.

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