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Horror Movies Dominate Box Office, 'Black Panther' Reimagines Villain and More

The promotional poster for Marvel's "Black Panther"; a promotional poster for Stephen King's "IT"; a viral image of librarians from New Zealand; the Playboy Magazine logo; E!'s "Fashion Police" logo
EPK, Facebook/Invercargill City Libraries and Archives; Playboy; Twitter

It's pop culture week at Under the Radar! "IT," "Happy Death Day" and the latest "Saw" movie are just a few of the horror movies you can catch on the silver screen right now. What's with our country's current love affair with horror films? We take a deep-dive into this creepy genre that's raking in the big bucks. We also discuss cringe-worthy Halloween costumes, trans models making waves, movie remakes with all-female casts and the end of "Fashion Police."


BONUS: Check out the trailers, clips and photos of some of the stories we discussed in this week's roundtable!



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