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Eating, Bowling, And Football On Super Bowl Sunday

A variety of wings served at Kings Bowl America
Marilyn Schairer/WGBH News

WGBH News' Henry Santoro sat down with Richard Lambiase, executive chef at Kings Bowl America, to discuss the food you can eat while bowling this Super Bowl Sunday. Below is a lightly edited transctript of their conversation.

The Kings menu is a made from scratch menu. I would imagine the food prep for tomorrow is probably well underway?

Yes, sir, it is well underway. We have all deliveries, and we are preparing all our sauces, marinating all our wings, and we are getting ready for a big day tomorrow.

Volume must be huge?

Kings Bowl Executive Chef Richard Lambiase with WGBH News' Henry Santoro
Marilyn Schairer/WGBH News

It is. We plan on selling a lot of wings tomorrow— a lot of burgers, nachos, appetizers — and so we're expecting some very large groups.

When I think of Super Bowl food, I think it's food to be shared. So, that's where the wings come in, and that's where the pizzas come in, and the nachos. Everybody just digs in at once.

Yes, absolutely. You know, our wings, we have many different flavors of wings. Our wings are special. They're lollipop wings. That's where all the meat slides down on the bone. They're large. All the wings are 1.5 to 2 ounces each. They are cooked to order. Always we have some bake wings, and we also have some other great options with wings.

That's great. What are the flavors of wings that you've got?

We have garlic parmesan. We have the traditional buffalo. We have Thai peanut, which comes with a great coconut lime dipping sauce. We have a great carrot sauce to go with that Korean wings we have. You know, the buffalo comes with our own homemade ranch dressing. We just have all types of wings.

So many wings. And we should say, as well, that it's just not about shared food at Kings for the Super Bowl. You can get a full-blown dinner if you want.

We have a great new grilled rosemary chicken that comes with a risotto with some Brussels sprouts. We have barbecue ribs, full racks and half racks. We have fish and chips made with Sam Adams beer batter. We have great entrees.

Pizza from Kings Bowl American
Marilyn Schairer/WGBH News

I think what makes King special, especially for a day like tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday, is the fact that it's one of the most family-friendly places you can go to. There's plenty of bowling to keep the kids and the adults happy and busy, and there are enough big-screen TVs that you won't miss a play the entire game.


Absolutely. There are big screen TVs everywhere. We have projection TVs right on the lanes. So, if you wanted to bowl a couple of games on the lanes, you could watch the game right as you bowl. The TVs are everywhere.

You oversee all the kitchens of all the Kings in all the states that Kings is in. What’s your secret?

There’s really no secret. I do travel the country. I do visit Chicago, Orlando, North Carolina. And you know, basically, my job is to go out and ensure that all the food is being prepared to order. And to help mentor the chefs and be part of the process.


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