Turnstile's brand of turnt-up hardcore is a strange marvel. It is at once a mishmash of the most distinct mosh jams of the '90s — think Snapcase and Rage Against The Machine — and a splatter of Bad Brains-y dub and swirling post-punk, resulting in a psychedelic head rush of heavy. This is music that explodes the most outsized tropes of hardcore, but with a big dang heart.

The band — with roots in D.C., Baltimore and Columbus, Ohio — today announces a new album, Time & Space, its debut for Roadrunner Records. Turnstile has always been up front about its wide-ranging tastes and finding ways to (literally) amplify them, and these guest spots should give you some idea of what we're in for: Sheer Mag's Tina Halladay ("Moon"), Tanikka Charraé ("Bomb") and extra production from Diplo ("Right To Be"). I am already moshing.

As a follow-up to the Sun-Ra-meets-Holy-Mountain video for "Real Thing" in early November, the first single for Time & Space really Voltrons the hell out of a pop-hardcore mega thruster. What begins as meaty, mid-tempo thrash riff finds flirty-but-disbelieving uh-huh's responding to Brendan Yates' shouted "gotta make my own way," interlocking into a boom-bap-flange-turned-pop-punk bop complete with hand claps and over-the-top guitar shred. (Deep breath.) There's a lot to unpack in any one moment. But, as Yates tells NPR, it's bound by a theme: "'Generator' is about near-death experiences; out-of-body happenings that really open you up to see your true self without the noise of the world."

Time & Space comes out Feb. 23 via Roadrunner Records. Turnstile goes on tour in early 2018. Track list and artwork below:

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