Many Evangelical Christians have refused to withdraw their support of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, despite the many allegations that he sexually assaulted teenage girls.

“I don’t know how much these women are getting paid, but I can only believe they’re getting a healthy sum,” evangelical pastor and Moore supporter Earl Wise told the Boston Globe in a recent article. Wise added that even if the allegations were true, he would still vote for Moore. This is just one of many examples of evangelical leaders showing continued support for Moore. 

Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined Boston Public Radio Monday for another edition of All Revved Up. This week the reverends discussed the dissonance between the morality of Christianity and the politics of evangelicalism. 

“Jesus preached to love thy neighbor, and integrity and character are extremely important,” Price said. “It is not about what part of the aisle you’re on in terms of politics. This spiritual mandate is about living your life in a way that is pleasing to God and that is modeled after Jesus the Christ.”

Monroe agreed with Price, and said that evangelicals who continue to disproportionately call out wrongdoing based solely on political lines will lose all sense of righteous authority.

“The conservative movement as a whole, in my opinion, has lost its prophetic voice and the moral high ground,” Monroe said.

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