Dr. Shaheen Mian gets emotional when she speaks about her latest mission to Bangladesh to treat Rohingya refugees, after violence forced them to flee their homes in Myanmar.

"The need is enormous and the work has just begun," she said.

Mian, from Milton, MA, is an internist in solo practice at Beth Israel Deaconess. A native of Bangladesh, she has made several trips to her home country to assist Rohingya refugees.

She returned Monday from her latest visit, a week-long medical mission with eight physicians from the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA). The doctors traveled to Moinergona Thang Khaili, a refugee camp housing about 26,000 people. 

"We brought medical services, badly needed medications [and] supplies," she said. The refugees she worked with, she added, are in "miserable condition — physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically."

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