State Trooper Ali Rei joined Trooper Ryan Scevoir this week in filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against Col. Richard McKeon and other members of their command staff. McKeon is retiring this Friday amid allegations he ordered troopers Rei and Scevoir to scrub embarrassing details from a police report to protect the reputation of Judge Timothy Bibaud. The troopers arrested the judge's daughter, Ali Bibaud, for driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, and included comments in the police report that she made about her drug use and history of prostitution.

Col. McKeon has said it is department policy for troopers to only included relevant information and to extract any embarrassing details because arrest reports are considered public records. However, WGBH's legal analyst Daniel Medwed says McKeon's claim that he was following standard practice appears suspicious because of his connections to the Worcester County District Attorney's Office. In the initial lawsuit filed by Trooper Scevoir, he alleges the order to alter the reports was a direct order from Col. McKeon, who was instructed to give the order by the Secretary of Public Safety and Security Dan Bennett. Bennett, McKeon and Judge Timothy Bibaud have all previously worked at the Worcester District Attorney's office.


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