The battle of increasingly volatile head-butting between North Korea and the United States has many wondering — are we on the brink of a nuclear war? 

According to military correspondent Nancy Youssef, the level of danger is not what President Donald Trump's tweets would lead us to believe.

"I'm watching the logistics more than the rhetoric," Youssef said. "You haven't seen a movement of troops. You haven't seen a movement of aircraft or any uptick in activity by the North Koreans ... the rhetoric is so vitriolic in some cases, and when you hear a foreign minister talking about the U.S. declaring war — it's understandable that people might be uneasy."

Nancy Youssef is the national security correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. She previously worked as a national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed News, and McClatchy Newspapers. Youssef has covered military front lines, conflict zones, and civilian casualties during the Iraq war. 

As an early-career journalist interested in international politics, Youssef's work stands out for me — rather than just listing statistics, her work focuses on humanity, individual people and their stories. 

Nancy Youssef at the Kennedy School
Nancy Youssef talks with fellows at the Shorenstein Center

We sat down at the Harvard Kennedy School's Shorenstein Centerto discuss journalism, cyber-security, national politics, and foreign policy under the Trump Administration. 

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