President Donald Trump’s strategy to give big tax breaks to corporations in order to create more jobs is being compared to trickle down economics. The GOP is calling this a middle class tax cut. The Democrats are calling it a big payday for the rich. We opened up the lines to see what you think.

Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory joined us for his take on the latest headlines.

The Pentagon is at odds with Trump’s bellicose approach to North Korea. National Security Expert Juliette Kayyem joined us for that and more.

Medical Ethicist Art Caplan joined us to talk about the GOP’s healthcare reform bill.

With Boston on the short list for Amazon’s second headquarters, which parts of the city are the most viable options for housing the sprawling apparatus? Boston Globe Business Columnist and WGBH Contributor Shirley Leung joined us to discuss.

Twitter is trying out a new and expanded character limit so users can "easily express themselves." We opened the lines to ask you: does this completely defeat the power and purpose of twitter?

Finally, our Cinema Classic Challenge with film critic Garen Daly. A culture war playing out on the open road — with Captain America and Billy leading the way. We opened the lines, asking you if “Easy Rider” holds up today.

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