Columnist for the Boston Herald Peter Gelzinis and the State House Bureau Chief for the Boston Globe Frank Phillips joined us to discuss the latest local and national political headlines.

The Groundtruth Project's Charlie Sennott called in to talk about the recent terrorist attack in London and this week's United Nation's General Assembly.

TV expert Bob Thompson joined us to discuss the best and worst moments of Sunday's Emmys and Ken Burn's newest documentary series, "The Vietnam War."

Last night's Emmys contained a series of Trump digs and even a surprise self-depreciating appearance by former Trump staffer Sean Spicer. We opened the lines to hear if you think Hollywood went too far, or if Spicer's cameo was a comedic triumph. 

Reverends Emmett G. Price III and Irene Monroe were on hand for another edition of All Revved Up. This week, they discussed the racial revelations gleaned from Tinder. 

We went to the phones to hear if you enjoy chatting with your taxi or Uber driver or appreciate a silent ride.

Violinist extraordinaire Rhett Price joined us for an in studio performance.