Last year, state legislators pushed back the start date for recreational sales of marijuana by six months to July 2018. Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steve Hoffman joined us to talk about whether or not we can expect recreational marijuana legalization to happen anytime soon.

We opened up the lines to ask you about pot shops on the horizon — can you see them now? The helpful bud tenders, the displays of big glass jars packed with marijuana, bakery cases full of rookie cookies and lazy cakes? Or do you think we’re in for a long slog to being able to buy legal recreational marijuana?

Beat the Press host Emily Rooney joined us for her famous list of fixations and fulminations.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has long been a proponent of charter and private schools, and a critic of public schools, having described them as “dead ends” and claiming that unionized teachers “care more about a system ... that was created in the 1800s – than about individual students." As writer David Osborne sees it, Betsy Devos could have her charter schools and like her public ones, too. In his new book, he makes the case for treating every public school like a charter school. It’s titled "Reinventing America’s Schools: Creating a 21st Century Education System." He’ll be discussing his book on Monday, Sept. 18 at the Boston Foundation at 5:30 p.m.

Trader Joe’s in Cambridge has had its liquor license pulled. As of Oct. 1, the the closest thing to booze you’re going to find is their brewer’s yeast and red wine vinegar. The law in Massachusetts limits the number of licenses one company can hold to seven, so Trader Joe’s has decided they would rather phase out the sale of beer and wine at its Cambridge store so it could sell beer, wine and spirits at its forthcoming store in Allston. We opened up the lines to ask you what you think.

Does ESPN have a double standard? Why did Kurt Schilling get canned for his racist remarks, but not Jemele Hill? Under the Radar host Callie Crossley joined us for that and more.

Our News Quiz competitors, Marcus Hunter and Raisa Hoffman, joined us from S**t-faced Shakespeare, where they do the bard blotto. Rather than method acting, it’s more like méthode champenoise acting, where one of the actors in each Shakespeare performance loads up with alcohol before and during the show. They are performing "Romeo and Juliet" through Sept. 30 at the Rockwell in Somerville, and then they’ll be performing "Taming of the Shrew" in October.

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