Human beings have used religion and the supernatural to explain natural phenomena since we first gathered into tribes. Today, we lay witness to one of the greatest natural occurrences, a total solar eclipse. What we now view as a marvel of space was once believed to be the end of times, a curse upon the earth. The Aztec used to sacrifice people of fair complexion to ward off demons that were brought to earth by the eclipse. Ancient Judaism believed that the eclipse was an angry god warning his people to stop sinning. Almost every religion has an explanation, most of them ending in doom. 

Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined us to talk about the religious significance and explanations for the total solar eclipse. 

Irene Monroe is a syndicated Religion Columnist. Emmett Price is a professor and Founding Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of the Black Christian Experience at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. To hear their interview in its entirety, click on the audio player above.