The White House is designating this week “American Dream Week,” but the line between dream and nightmare has been getting blurrier by the day. Last week, President Trump started out with tweets attacking his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Then, he delivered a highly political speech before the Boy Scouts, which the group later had to apologize for. On Wednesday, he tweeted a ban on transgender people in the military. And Thursday brought the newly minted communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s vulgar tirade, which ultimately led to his resignation after just 10 days on the job. By Friday, chief of staff Reince Preibus was out.

Last night brought even more information. The Washington Post reports the president “personally dictated” the statement that his son initially gave The New York Times last month before the story broke about his meeting with a Russian lawyer. And inside turmoil aside, there’s also the health care reform failure, stalled debt ceiling talks and tax reform next on the agenda. Jim Braude was joined by his Boston Public Radio co-host Margery Eagan and conservative political commentator Michael Graham.