The fire broke out on the top floor of a building located at 1971-1977 Dorchester Avenue near Peabody Square and just yards from the Ashmont T Station, which was forced to close as the fire raged. 

Boston fire spokesman Steve McDonald explained what happened. We had the fire on the top floor in the ceiling. It appeared the roof was starting to soften and with the potential to collapse in, and the fire … rolled across the entire building."

Flames were still shooting from the roof of the six-story Treadmark apartment complex hours after the first alarm sounded at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Boston fire spokesman Steve McDonald said firefighters also had other concerns. The building was a “tinderbox,” he said, made of flimsy materials.

The building’s sprinkler system also was not yet operational in the luxury condo, which was in the final stages of construction. 


Alonzo Johnson lives directly across the street and theorized that few in this neighborhood could afford to live in the complex. 

“I don’t know the exact price, but what I heard is that people are about to move in in two weeks,” said Johnson. “I guess that’s off the table.”

Firefighters fought through the night to extinguish the blaze and dampen the smoke. Only one injury was reported. A construction worker suffered chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital.