Ethereal and catchy don't often make a perfect pair within pop music, but the combination is exactly what hooked me on VON GREY, an Atlanta trio formed by the siblings Kathryn, Annika and Fiona von Grey.

The trio has classical music training, on cello and violins, but go further afield, as well; a Moog bass pedal, a mandolin a banjo. VON GREY have been making music publicly for the past six years, releasing their self-titled debut EP in 2012, the Awakening EP in 2014 and the Panophobia EP in 2015.

Today we have the newest song for you, "6 AM" with Annika singing through a lot of conflicting emotions:

It's 6 a.m. again

I hate this and I hate you

The sun comes up again

I love you and I miss you

Annika wrote to us to say that "We've tackled lots of sweeping concepts as a band, and always do so with honesty. That being said, '6 AM' was written during a time of exemplary rawness and needing. Loneliness is my own personal hell, and '6 AM' deals with the decision-making process of choosing love over stability."

Both "6 AM" and the recently released "Poison in the Water" will be on the group's next EP, Trinity, due out in November.

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