The spare, icy duo My Bubba have new music, produced by Jack White. The song, "Gone" was recorded at Third Man Studios in Nashville and will be part of the "Blue Series" — a collection of 45s put together from quick recording sessions, often produced by Jack White, by artists passing through Nashville. Others artists in the series include Dwight Yoakam, Courtney Barnett, Beck, Tom Jones and Lillie Mae. And now, My Bubba.

"Gone" carries a richer tone than other tunes from this pair, though even with the addition of thunderous, heart-pounding tom-toms, bass and keyboards the duo haven't let go of the porcelain-fragile sound of their last record, Big Bad Good. My Larsdotter — the singing and lap-harp-playing half of My Bubba, alongside guitarist and singer Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir, aka Bubba — told me that this song is "about loving and losing a sense of time and space cause your heart is beating so loud. Dean Fertita and 'Little Jack' Lawrence came by and performed like alien ladies on the keys and bass. 'Gone' was the first of our songs written on the lap harp, which I found in my old boyfriend's attic. It used to be his grandmother's, but she died many years before and wasn't using it anymore. He told me it was older than a century and I immediately liked it. I wrote the song about him and kept the harp when we broke up."

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