There's a joyful new album from Phoenix. Ti Amo is the Paris-based band's first record since 2013 and took the better part of the past four years to make. On this edition of All Songs Considered, I talk with guitarist Laurent Brancowitz and lead singer Thomas Mars about their work habits — how they create a palette of sounds for each new album and how they were able to make a joyful record at a time when Paris has seen horrific terror attacks.

The two members of Phoenix came to the NPR Bureau and I asked them to play songs by some of their favorite artists and through that lens we get a clear idea of how this band thinks about the music they make. Their song choices on this guest DJ show involve a lot of dance music but not for the reasons I'd expect. It's a conversation with many surprises and a look into the incredible detail and craft they've put into their new music.

You can hear the full conversation with the play button at the top of the page and read edited highlights about each song in the playlist below.

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