"Saturday Night Fever," starring the wickedly talented John Travolta, was an immediate success when it was released in 1977. The film's depiction of the era’s ostentatious clothes, gold chains, well-coiffed hair, and of course, catchy disco soundtrack, continues to a be a touchstone for those looking back at the 70s.

Like with most fond looks back at the distant past, it is easy to get trapped in nostalgia rather than remembering the reality of the time. This may be the case with "Saturday Night Fever." Is the film a fun dance movie featuring some of the biggest music hits of the 70s, or is it an antiquated, poorly acted, misogynist and racist movie set to some catchy disco songs? Film critic Garen Daly joined Boston Public Radio to discuss if "Saturday Night Fever" still dances into viewers hearts or does it burn up in a disco inferno.