Something wicked this way comes! "Peerless," inspired by William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," tells the story of twin high-school girls dead-set on fulfilling their destiny: to attend The College, a prestigious Ivy League university. How far are they willing to push themselves to fulfill their dreams? The playwright of "Peerless," Jiehae Park, and the director of Company One's production of "Peerless" joins us to talk about the dark comedy that makes us wonder: Which is more powerful -- love or ambition?


- Jiehae Park, playwright. Park is the writer behind "Peerless." She is also the playwright of "Hannah and the Dread Gazebo." Park is a New York Theater Workshop Usual Suspect, Lincoln Center Theater New Writer in Residence, and 2016-17 Hodder Fellow at Princeton. 

- Steven Bogart is the director of Company One's production of "Peerless." Bogart is a playwright, stage director, teacher and visual artist. He also leads workshops in collaborative playwriting around the state of Massachusetts and has created over 50 devised theater pieces. Follow Steven Bogart on Twitter.

"Peerless" is playing at Rabb Hall at the main Boston Public Library through Saturday, May 27. Tickets are pay-what-you-want! For more information on "Peerless": Company One

M, played by Kim Klasner, and The BF, played by Kadahj Bennett, during math class in "Peerless."
Photo provided by Company One
Brenna Fitzgerald as Dirty Girl in "Peerless."
Photo by Paul Fox
Kim Klasner as M and Khloe Alice Lin as L in "Peerless."
Photo by Paul Fox
Kim Klasner as M, James Wechsler as D and Khloe Alice Lin as L in "Peerless."
Photo by Paul Fox
Brenna Fitzgerald as Preppy Girl and Khloe Alice Lin as M in "Peerless."
Photo by Paul Fox
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