Immediately after Robert Mueller was named special counsel to investigate issues involving Russian election interference, Donald Trump kept his calm. But today was another matter. At an afternoon news conference, he declared, “the whole thing is a witch hunt,” adding “there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign.” Earlier in the day, Trump told reporters he believes Mueller's appointment "hurts our country terribly because it shows we're a divided, mixed up, not-unified country."

Most in congress say this is a positive development, with members of both sides of the aisle saying Mueller has bipartisan support and will conduct an objective, thorough investigation. So is Mueller really the man for the job? Daniel Small, a partner at Holland & Knight, who served alongside Mueller at the U.S Attorney office in the 80s, and former U.S. Attorney Donald Stern, who worked alongside Mueller both at the Department of Justice and at Hale and Door, joined Jim Braude to discuss.