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Elizabeth Warren Would Enthusiastically Support Scott Brown For VA Post

AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a long-standing critic of President-elect Donald Trump, expressed support for former U.S. Senator Scott Brown as nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs in a Trump administration. “If Scott Brown is the nominee for Veterans Affairs, I have no doubt that he would put his heart and soul into trying to help veterans,” Warren said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Thursday. “And I would put my heart and soul into trying to help him do that. You bet I’d support that.”

As for former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, who went from one of Trump’s biggest critics to a possible supplicant for the post of Secretary of State, Warren said she’d need some time to decide. “I’d like to hear more,” Warren said, “but I think Mitt Romney is a smart man, and I think he’s got a pretty level headed view of the world. Can I just hold until we… until I get a chance to see and meet the nominees?”

To hear the full interview with Senator Warren on Boston Public Radio, click on the audio link above.

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