Comic books have become the backbone of pop culture. They supply the stories for our most popular TV shows and movies, providing us with a modern-day mythology worthy of the Greeks. As comic book superheroes continue to be ever present, publishers like D.C. and Marvel have taken strides to ensure that the superheroes of the 21st century represent the growing diversity of their audience. In the past couple of years, the title of Captain America has been taken over by a black man, the Green Lantern and Ms. Marvel are now Muslim Americans and the African prince Black Panther has become one of the country's most beloved characters. Evan Narcisse, a comic book and video game culture writer for the website io9, David Lewis, the co-editor of the upcoming book, Muslim SuperHeroes: Comics Islamand Representation, and Heide Solbrig from the Comics Works Space in Somerville and the author of The Dandelion King Love And Loss While Waiting In The Gas Lane, joined Under The Radar to discuss the increase of racial and religious inclusivity in comics.