Senator Elizabeth Warren took to Facebook on December 1st to lambast Wall Street hedge fund manager Whitney Tillman for his support of Trump's cabinet. As it turns out, not only is Tillman not a Trump supporter, he is an Elizabeth Warren supporter. We went to the phones to hear your thoughts on Warren's uninformed post and politicians penchant for posting on social media.

Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory called in to give his thoughts headlines of the day. 

National security expert Juliette Kayyem joined us to discuss Kanye West's meeting with President-elect Donald Trump and surviving a polar vortex. 

Congress Jim McGovern called in to talk about US's relationship with Cuba. 

The book Fingersmith by Sarah Waters has been turned into a play that is now showing at the ART. We were joined by the play's director Bill Rauch and actor Christina Bennett Lind.

It tis the season to sit with family and friends watching our favorite holiday films. We opened the lines to hear your favorite Christmas movies. 

WGBH science editor Heather Goldstone talked about what may happen to climate change research under Trump's administration.