Renee Goust says she has been called a feminazi “too often.” As a response, she’s written a song about it.

The lyrics are in Spanish. And they’re personal.

Goust writes on Facebook that “La Cumbia Feminazi” is her “answer to the abuse we women suffer too frequently when we speak up to defend our rights.”

She adds that the term “feminazi” was created by Rush Limbaugh in 1992 “to describe women who back then were fighting for the right to make decisions about their own bodies.”

Goust says she gets called the slur on various social platforms, such as YouTube. In her song, she sings about “a virtual incognito who is trying to upset [her]” by calling her a feminazi just because she is a woman who is “brave” and “not quite frail.”

“I’ve considered myself a feminist ever since I learned the actual meaning of the word, which just seeks equality between men and women,” Goust says. “I started to receive a lot of hateful messages when I started to voice my opinion online. ... Then I started to be called a ‘feminazi’ and some of my closer female friends were called that too. It was such a terrible insult that I didn’t know how to come back to.”

“And ... having any kind of reply to those negative comments triggers the use of that word.”

“La Cumbia Feminazi” went viral on Latin media, with hundreds of thousands of shares on Facebook.

Goust says she never expected it to gain so much attention, but she says she’s “happy that it has because it’s brought to [her] attention that there’s also a lot of men who are becoming feminists right now in Latin America.”

The cumbia has a satirical flare. Goust describes the guitar strumming as “groovy,” while the lyrics reflect a more serious tone.

Goust says she did that intentionally. Not only did she want the music to be catchy and enjoyable for her audience, but she says she finds the term feminazi “ridiculous.”

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