British satirists are reacting to the Brexit vote with mostly dismay, doomsday scenarios — and a new head of hair ("leave" campaigner Boris Johnson's). But we wondered what cartoonists outside of Britain were drawing. A number of themes have emerged. 

Christo Komarnitski, Bulgaria

Mark Knight, Australia

Oleksiy Kustovsky, Ukraine

Firoozeh Mozaffari, Iran

Kiron Nandakumar, India

Michael de Adder, Canada

Steve Bonello, Malta

Manny Francisco, The Philippines

Hajo de Reijger, The Netherlands


Ali Dilem, Algeria/France


Peter Broelman, Australia


An early look at next week's cover, “Silly Walk Off a Cliff,” by Barry Blitt:

— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) June 24, 2016


Brandan Reynolds, South Africa

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