Here we are again.

Another airline disaster. EgyptAir Flight 804 went down over the Mediterranean almost a week ago, and still no explanation for what actually happened. That's a tragedy on so many levels and it requires an explanation for what is happening in the air.

Pilot, journalist, aviation expert Miles O'Brien joined Juliette Kayyem to talk about the downed plane, possible causes and one simple way we could make the skies safer.

Miles O'Brien: So what happened? Why didn't they call? Were they just so busy dealing with the problem that they didn't push the button and say may day? That's a little hard for me to believe. The other thing to think about is they were in that tenuous spot between VHF radio towers and they were being handed off from Greece to Egypt. It was actually the worst place to be for radio transmission, they were the furthest away from a radio tower. Why on Earth are we still using VHF radio when we have satellite communication at our finger tips? And we have that capability. The system is very 1950s oriented and we need to upgrade our ability to see what's going on in these aircrafts. They might have been calling and no one heard them... 

We need to make it safer! The fact that we, in this day and age, are fishing around for devices two miles below the ocean to find out what might or might not have happened to this aircraft is absolutely scandalous!



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