Inspired by the colorful sticker, Trapper Keeper and lunchbox art from which Lisa Prank takes her punny name, Seattle singer Robin Edwards makes bubblegum pop-punk for lovesick, rainbow-colored unicorns. Built around an electric guitar and a drum machine, her songs are simple and catchy like the Ramones', but are recast for the intimate and imaginative space where these songs begin and expand.

"Take It All" comes from the perfectly titled Adult Teen, which follows 2014's promising and crush-worthy debut Crush On The World. Edwards' voice is reminiscent of Letters To Cleo's Kay Hanley (via the Josie And The Pussycats soundtrack), as she sings about the division of memory-laden goods after a breakup. Books, records, coats and ultimately her heart are all ready for the taking, with a three-word chorus that's as cute as it is cathartic.

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