A Dutch dentist has been sentenced to eight years behind bars for harming patients in a rural French town. The so-called dentist of horror injured more than 100 patients and committed insurance fraud in Chateau-Chinon, which reportedly had been without a dental care provider for years.

Jacobus Van Nierop, 51, isn't allowed to practice dentistry anymore, and he has to pay about $11,900, according to the BBC.

As the Two-Way has reported, patients accused him of mutilating their mouths — pulling out healthy teeth and performing operations that caused abscesses.

The prosecutor said "useless and painful procedures" were done as part of a scheme for insurance reimbursements, AFP reports.

Prosecutor Lucile Jaillon-Bru also said Van Nierop "took pleasure at causing pain," according to The Guardian. The newspaper also notes that psychiatric evaluations of the dentist varied:

"One found he had 'narcissistic tendencies' and was not responsible for his actions, but another declared Van Nierop 'perfectly aware of what he was doing'."

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