They say you are what you eat, and if that’s true, Donald Trump is a big cheeseburger and a side of fries—all-American, larger than life, salty and, for some, a little hard to digest. At a town hall with South Carolina voters, the GOP frontrunner revealed his intense passion for fast food; McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, Quarter Pounders and Filets-O-Fish... (Filet-O-Fishes?). 

Food critic Corby Kummer is a columnist for the New Republic, a contributing Senior editor at The Atlantic and food critic for Boston Magazine. He joined Jared Bowen and Margery Eagan on Boston Public Radio to take a closer look at Donald Trump’s heart of gold, as he gazes through the golden arches towards the presidential nomination. To hear the full interview, click on the audio link above.