• Charles Chieppo from Chieppo Strategies and former State Treasurer Shannon O’Brien discussed the national and local political headlines.
  • President Obama is in the midst of a historic trip to Cuba to visit the country and meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro. The Groundtruth Project's Charlie Sennott called in from QATAR to discuss the implications of the President's trip. 
  • An article in the Boston Globe today by Roland Merullo attempts to decipher why the white working class loves Donald Trump. We opened the lines to hear your thoughts on how Trump has been able to attract this demographic. 
  • TV expert Bob Thompson called in to tell us about TV's best and worst shows.
  • Reverand's Irene Monroe and Emmett Price joined us for another edition of All Revved Up to weigh in with their thoughts on Cornel West's criticism of President Obama. 
  • Boston Globe investigative sports reporter Shira Springer joined us to discuss sexism in professional tennis. 
  • It may be the first week of Spring, but the snow is still falling. We went to the phones to hear if today's winter storm ruined Spring excitement.