On the heels of a student walk out for lack of funding--Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang gave an update on his 100-day plan for the districts future. Chang’s presentation at the Boston Foundation comes hours before the final school budget hearing tonight.

Regina McClay of Roxbury listened as superintendent Tommy Chang highlighted what he’s been working on which includes college readiness and standardized testing.

But McClay wanted to hear more about teacher. Her nephew is in high school and has a hard time with his teachers. She worries about that.

“A teacher must know her students and a teacher must know how to deliver instruction to the students. That is lacking in the Boston public school system.

I asked the superintendent to respond, he says he agrees.

“I think the system could provide a lot more professional development for teachers because everyone is generally well intended, but we need to provide more skills and increase their tool kit. “

But money is tight, Chang says federal and state revenues have declined.