• CNN's John King called in to discuss the political headlines. 
  • Are you ashamed to be a Trump supporter or have a family member that you're ashamed of for supporting Trump? We took your calls. 
  • The executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts Carol Rose was in the studio to talk about abortion rights and the Supreme Court case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt.
  • Uber’s East Coast General Manager Meghan Joyce joined us to discuss background checks and fingerprinting. 
  • We opened the lines to hear your thoughts on Uber's refusal to fingerprint their drivers. 
  • A Senate committee released their findings and thoughts on legalized marijuana today. We went to the phones to get your thoughts on whether you think the drug should be legal. 
  • Award-winning food writer Corby Kummer  discussed the first Italian Starbucks, why restaurants are so dark and the purpose of a negative restaurant review.