Last week, Pope Francis said using contraception as protection from the Zika virus was  “not an absolute evil.” The Zika virus has continued to be a threat throughout South America, causing debilitating birth defects.

This is not the first time the Catholic Church has allowed birth control as a preventative for unwanted births. In the 1960’s Pope John Paul VI permitted Nuns who were being raped in war zones in Africa to use birth control, and again in 1993 the Vatican approved the use of contraception to prevent births caused by rape, this time in Bosnia.

Pope Francis referred to contraception as the “Lesser of two evils.” Despite the Church's most recent leniency on birth control, they are still stringent on their feelings toward abortion. “Abortion is never the lesser evil, it’s a crime,” the Pope said. 

“I think it is insulting,” said Reverend Irene Monroe on Boston Public Radio Monday. It infanticides a woman's right to choose,” she said about the Catholic Churches’ restriction on birth control and condemnation of abortion.

Monroe pointed out that the Pope and other Church officials may not have the appropriate life experience to handle the debate over birth control and abortion. “Why is someone who supposedly claims to be celibate and has had no sexual relationships, dictating what I do with my body,” she said. “He is so removed, even the way he says it, ‘ It is a lesser evil because I sanction you to use birth control.’ Oh my goodness.”

“Out of the safety of me having to remove myself from the studio - I am going to have to take the fifth on this one,” said Reverend Emmett Price.

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