Three-year-old CJ, a male German shorthaired pointer, was named best in show at the140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York on Tuesday night.

CJ's owner, Valerie Nunes-Atlinson from Temecula, Calif., said from the time CJ was a puppy, she knew he had "that something extra."

CJ's other owners are Alice Manning and Yvonne Hassler-Deterding.

After naming America's top dog, judge Richard Meen said CJ was an "outstanding example of the breed."

The Associated Press reports:

"CJ certainly came from championship stock. His grandmother, Carlee, was one of two previous German shorthaired pointers to win Westminster, taking the title in 2005."

Reserve best in show, which is second place, went to a borzoi named Lucy.

CJ, which stands for California Journey, also beat a Skye terrier, a German shepherd, a bulldog, a Shih Tzu and a Samoyed to win the show's silver bowl.

While CJ's team doesn't win any prize money, the breeding rights are valuable.

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